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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Loot from Helena, Montana's Antique Show

Today, my husband, son and I drove to Helena's Cabin Fever (appropriately named for this time of year) Antique Show and Sale.  Being new to Montana, we've obviously never been.  It wasn't very big.  We were there for two hours and I circled the place probably 5 times, but always saw new stuff.  The antique show was much different from those you would see in Texas.  There wasn't much shabby chic but I haven't seen much of that in Montana.  Still, I managed to find some pretty cool stuff. 

I've been working to get my 8-year-old son involved in antiques by starting him off with vintage toys.  He gets to have a mission now when I drag him to antique stores and gets to put the profit into his savings account.  Today, he managed to buy two really amazing vintage vehicles and a great pocket knife.  He'll keep the knife for himself.  He got both vehicles for $45.00 total.  The Tonka Truck alone from 1959 (purchased for $20.00) is listed on Ebay for $139.00 but my son's model is in much better shape!  The Ebay model is a rusted disaster.

The 1953 Irwin Ford friction car he bought for $25.00 is listed on Ebay for $69.00.  Score!  He'll make a hefty profit with these two.

My favorite purchase of all was this 1870 edition of Websters Dictionary for $20.00.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  It goes with my decor perfectly!  Look at the patina!

I also found a really cool old leather doctor's bag.

I found a really unique old Stanley two-way level (bubbles are still there and working).  Hey, I think of the men, too.  Half of the customers I've seen in the antique malls are men!

So, all in all, it was a successful day.  We had a lot of fun and I noticed that my son did not complain at all.  He was so happy to be involved AND about his knife of course.

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  1. Happy you had a good time and found a few things! Love that dictionary! Talk to you soon. I will be in the store Wednesday and Thursday. Jamie