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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goodbye to My Antique Booth

Sigh...I really wanted to keep my booth going.  Although I've done well with it, I've accepted the fact that it's really difficult to find reasonably-priced antiques in Montana.  They are not plentiful and when you find some, they are pricey.  Turning a profit in this environment is not easy.  I've sold quite a bit and my booth was so empty...without items to replenish it with, I didn't see the point.  My last day was yesterday.  In preparation for the closing, I had a 1/2 price sale and almost everything flew off the shelves.  I was able to walk out with just a couple of boxes of stuff yesterday afternoon when I moved out.  I've had to leave a few larger pieces in there until my husband can help me move them this weekend.  I've Craigslisted those items at deep discounts in hopes that I won't have to move them myself. 

The owners and those that run the shop there have been amazing to me.  I am so grateful and I've had a ton of fun.  I also met a great new friend, Jamie, who I'll definitely stay in touch with.

Onward and upward!!!